Amazon's Alexa finally supports calendars

Amazon’s Alexa, the popular digital assistant that lives in your home, got a small update behind the scenes this week, but one that Microsoft users will no doubt appreciate. Alexa now supports calendars.

As Amazon’s Alexa became a best-selling product during this past holiday season, we’ve seen the virtual assistant being continuously updated and its functionality expanded. As part of that, we’ve seen Alexa show up in a Lenovo product, start being integrated into Ford cars, and even show some love for trekkies everywhere with new voice commands. Now, Amazon has added support for calendars, letting Microsoft users sync their schedules, add events and get help from Alexa with their meetings.

With this addition, is now supported on all major platforms and by all major digital assistants. If you want to look at it another way, now all digital assistant can indirectly talk to each other by editing your calendar.

Users who want to use the new feature can simply add the calendar on their Alexa mobile app, in the Settings pane. You won’t need to update anything, as the support was added behind the scenes and is already live.

Source: The Verge

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