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Amsterdam court orders Facebook to cooperate with sex video scandal investigation

Facebook allows users to post media content like GIFs and videos online, so long as posted media doesn't violate Facebook policies. Those policies were violated when an unknown Facebook user posted a public video of him and his girlfriend having sex on his timeline, clearly exposing the girl.

Chantal, 21, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, which claims to have removed all data pertaining to the video. The lawsuit has been filed through the Amsterdam District Court who are currently asking Facebook to allow investigators to look into the company's user data to confirm whether or not the user data exists still. Facebook has yet to comply.

While the video exposing Chantal was only available for an hour, the video had been downloaded several times and has apparently made some rounds on the internet since being removed.

"Facebook has a legal obligation to provide the information because the unknown person acted illegally and the information cannot be obtained elsewhere"

-Amsterdan District Court

Within the Amsterdam District court ruling, the court states that "if Facebook continues to maintain that all data that could lead to a person are definitively deleted from its servers and no longer traceable, that should be confirmed by an independent researcher". An investigation that revealed that Facebook actually holds on to user data would invite criticism against the company. If that were the case, the company could be allowing governments to access to private social media data for various uses.

Source: Reuters

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