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Apple announces iLife 11, available today for $49

Today during Apple's live streaming event, they announced the brand new iLife 11, with improved features from last year.

iPhoto 11

The new iPhoto 11 gives you an easy to use layout for all of your photos, with face tagging and detection, geolocation tagging, and easy to make slideshows. The tagging feature can be manually added or automated to quickly sort your photos by faces.

The easy to use slideshow feature comes with a number of themes, including holiday inspired themes and location maps with moving backgrounds. The 3D look and feel of your movies transforms your photos bringing them to life. iPhoto can also include music soundtracks to your slideshows or movies, giving your slideshows that extra touch.

iPhoto 11 also includes an organizer, which can group your photos together in an easy to browse through view. The stylish and customizable background. The full screen mode lets you just view your photos, letting you focus on viewing and editing your photos.

iPhoto 11 also groups together all your projects, displaying them in a bookshelf theme, so you can easily recall your projects without having to search for them.


iMovie 11

iMovie 11 comes with iLife 11, with new audio editing, one step effects and many more new features. The new colour audio feature lets you see and adjust your volume, correcting your loud and quiet sections of your videos. iMovie 11 has improved audio effects to fade in audio, or change the volume of selected segments, raising or lowering the volume.

Some new audio effects including voice altering, which lets you change the voice of clips or segments, changing the voice of someone with pre-set voices.

iMovie 11 not only has audio enhancements, but video effects too. Movie trailers is a new feature that turns your videos into a movie trailer, with a pre-set list of themes. With some quick editing to your titles and credits, you can transform your videos into professional looking videos.

iMovie movie trailers has scene templates, where you select action shows, group shots or anything iMovie 11 is asking for, adding in photos or videos of your friends and vacation trips. iMovie 11 also comes with original audio scores to include with your trailers.


Garage Band 11

Flex time, groove matching, more guitar amps and effects, new piano and guitar lessons (how do I play?)

Garage Band 11 is really what you would want and need if you're starting up a band and trying to record professional sounding music. With the new features, including groove matching, lets you filter our specific instruments, seeing what members of your band is out of sync. Groove Matching takes your out of sync music, and adjusting the tune and rhythm of your song and syncing them, giving you a better sounding track.

Flex Time makes editing your instruments much easier. With a couple of clicks, you can shorten or lengthen your notes, to give your music that professional edge and sound.

Garage Band 11 comes with piano and guitar lessons, if you're looking to learn how to play. With video and on screen step-by-step strings, you can see how to play a song on the piano or guitar. While you're learning, you Garage Band 11 records how you're playing, matching it up with the original to see where you made mistakes by highlighting the song with either yellow if you're going too slow, or red if you miss a note.

The progress meter lets you track how well you're doing over time. These features requires you to have a USB keyboard or guitar.


iLife 11 is free with every new Mac and if you're looking to upgrade your Mac, iLife 11 is only $49 and available today.

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