Apple generates six million downloads of Mac OS X Lion

Apple's iPhone press conference has now started in Cupertino, California but the press conference began by talking some about its Macintosh operating system. Newly appointed Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience at the press conference that since the "Lion" update was released for Mac OS X back in July, it has seen six million downloads of the update from its servers. According to Engadget, Cook said that those numbers were 80 percent higher than those of the previous major Max OS X update, Snow Leopard.

Cook also said that it took the Lion update only two weeks to be made available on 10 percent of the Mac install base. It took Microsoft 20 weeks to reach that for Windows 7. Cook claims that its MacBook Pro and the iMac are the best selling desktop and notebook, respectively, in the US. Cook also claims that it has seen the Mac platform grow by 23 percent in the last year while the PC platform has only seen a four percent growth in the same time period. There are now 58 million Mac users worldwide, according to Apple's numbers.

Apple has said previously that it has seen the Mac OS X Lion update generate one million downloads in just its first day of sales last July. For people who don't trust that new downloading thing that all the kids are doing, Apple also sells the Mac OS X Lion update on its online store installed on a USB drive. It is shipped via mail order for a mere $69.99

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