Apple reponds to Microsoft's 'Laptop Hunter' advertisements

Microsoft's latest range of advertisements, dubbed the 'Laptop Hunter' series, have really struck Apple where many criticize it: the cost. The ads show an average customer (or actress) who are given $1500 to find a laptop that suits all their needs, be it power, storage or gaming. As you can imagine, the Macs are described as looking nice, but just aren't within the price range.

Apple hasn't sat still and watched this happen, not at all. They've come out and made a public statement about this. What did the Cupertino-based company have to say? "A PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want .... The one thing that both Apple and Microsoft can agree on is that everyone thinks the Mac is cool. With its great designs and advanced software, nothing matches it at any price." That comes from Bill Evans, an Apple spokesperson, who mentioned it to BusinessWeek.

This has been a rather controversial statement, and it's no wonder; it seems Microsoft's new ads are one of the hottest technology topics now. To add some humor to the situation, we leave you with the following video, courtesy of

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