Apple short-circuits Circuit City deal

Apple Computer said Friday that it will no longer sell its Macs at Circuit City.

"We have mutually decided to go our separate ways," Circuit City spokesman Bill Cimino told CNET on Friday. "We will start selling through the inventory we currently have, either in our stores or distribution centers."

Apple has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Circuit City. Most recently, the Mac maker had been selling its consumer products--the iMac and iBook--at Circuit City, an arrangement that started in July 2000.

Although the companies did not comment on the reasons for the change, Apple for some time has been vowing to shake up its retail strategy. The company has been opening its own line of retail stores since last year and has also been placing Apple workers inside CompUSA. Last March, Apple stopped selling Macs at Sears.

News source: Cnet

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