Apple to replay WWDC keynote via QuickTime

Most Mac enthusiasts will probably be unable to watch live coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote address to attendees of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday -- Apple doesn't seem to be offering a Webcast of the address as it happens, although some universities and retailers (including many Apple Stores) plan to show the event themselves.

If you have to wait and but you'd still like to see the show, Apple will accommodate you -- the company plans to offer a

replay Webcast of the event via QuickTime.

WWDC is the annual gathering of Macintosh hardware and software developers from around the globe. Historically, the event has happened in May, but this year Apple pushed back WWDC's start date to June -- Apple reportedly did so to give developers a more complete look at "Panther," the code-name for the next major release of Mac OS X expected to be released later this year.

News source: MacCentral

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