ARM confirms plans for 64-bit version of Windows RT

Microsoft launched Windows RT alongside Windows 8 last week when it put the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet on sale. Other Windows RT products from Dell, Asus, Samsung and Lenovo are planned, all running on processors made by NVIDIA or Qualcomm that are based on designs from ARM.

However, those processors are 32-bit chips, while Windows 8 can run on 64-bit processors from Intel and AMD. Now, ARM has confirmed it is working with Microsoft to create a 64-bit version of Windows RT that will run on future chips designed by ARM. reports that Ian Forsyth, program manager at ARM, confirmed the collaboration with Microsoft and added, "ARM works with all its OS and ecosystem partners to inform them on next generation technologies and enable their support." There is no word on a possible launch date for the 64-bit version of Windows RT. A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment.

ARM's first 64-bit processor designs, the Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53, were officially announced this week as part of the company's TechCon trade show in Santa Clara, California. However, the first mobile devices and servers that will have processors based on those designs won't be launched until sometime in 2014.


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