AT&T to provide wireless coverage for Sony's S2 tablet

Sony first revealed plans to enter the tablet market earlier this year with two products, the larger S1 tablet and a smaller product called the S2. Sony's been fairly quiet about the status of these devices since the reveal but today, AT&T announced via a press release, that it will provide the wireless coverage for Sony's smaller S2 tablet.

According to the press release, the tablet will support a connection to AT&T's current HSPA+ wireless network. There's no mention of AT&T's faster LTE network which is supposed to launch later this summer. The wireless carrier has not yet revealed the pricing of the S2 tablet itself nor for the monthly wireless support. A specific release date for the S2 tablet has yet to be revealed, but with today's press release, it would seem that we won't have to wait much longer to see how Sony's tablet will stack up against the flood of other tablets available to purchase.

Sony had previously announced that the S2 tablet (a code name for the device; the real name will be revealed later) would be dual screen product with two 5.5 inch screen that can be folded into a clamshell design. It's also supposed to have the Android operating system inside along with a camera and Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor. The larger S1 tablet (again, it's a code name) will have a "normal" single 9.4 inch screen with front and rear facing cameras. It's also supposed to be able to serve as a remote control for other Sony electronics products.

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