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Battlefield's Spring Update now available, adds platoons, new weapons, and more improvements

Battlefield 1's next major update is now available for download, heralding the return of platoons, and many more features to the DICE-developed World War 1 shooter.

Platoons were originally introduced in Battlefield 3 for managing large communities, essentially functioning as clans. The Battlefield 1 Spring Update's platoon implementation allows players to create and manage 100 slot platoons with different tiers of members, each with access to a varying amount of management tools. These tiers consist of the General, Colonel, Lieutenant and lastly, Private, ranked from highest to lowest.

Players can also opt to replace their personal tag and emblem with a desired platoon's ones to represent them, and if members representing a single platoon fill up an in-game squad, it will get renamed to the platoon's name. A platoon's logo will even be displayed under flags they contributed in capturing, seen below, a clever approach to encourage more team play.

The Spring Update's next feature aims to reduce a well-known frustration for medic players, where a downed player elects to respawn when a medic is just about to revive them. Now a medic can notify downed players that a revive is incoming by spotting the body.

There are new server administration features as well, where servers can now be made private via password protection, and server admins may now give other players admin rights for increased moderation in servers. Admins can also reduce the number of players needed to start a round, from 20 to 6.

Furthermore, all four classes of the game receive a weapon each with the update, weapons which are unlocked by completing their dedicated assignments. The new weapons are Hellriegel 1915 Defensive, Selbstlader 1906 Sniper, Huot Automatic Optical, and Martini Henry Sniper.

19 new ribbons rewarding teamwork-oriented tasks such as spotting, reviving, resupplying, repairing, healing, and more have been appended to the existing ones. There are also five new dog tags to collect.

For anyone who is interested in reading the Battlefield 1 Spring Update's full changelog, it is available on the official update page here.

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