BBC Domesday book/video discs resurrected

OK, hands up in the Neowin crowd those that actually played with this rather innovative interractive video disc doohickey what-ya-ma-call-it... I did and can actually remember it quite fondly... played with it for hours and even did some additional programming to access data differently, wonder if my old school still has it hanging arounfd somewhere...?

The BBC's Domesday book project has been resurrected from technical death by researchers at the Camileon project based at Leeds University and the University of Michigan in the US.

The huge digital archive of life in the 1980s was stored on two interactive video discs that could be accessed using a special BBC microcomputer system, which just so happen to have outlived the computers they were stored on, and could not be read by today's machines.

The researchers on the Camileon project have developed software which emulates the obsolete BBC computer and video disc player and makes the material accessible on a modern computer.

Developed to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the 1086 Domesday book, the BBC's project formed a snapshot of life in the UK during the mid-1980s. More than one million people were involved in the project, including photographers, journalists, academics, researchers, Ordnance Survey mapmakers and statisticians for the UK Census.

News source: vnunet

View: CAMiLEON project - BBC Domesday

View: Description of The Domesday Project - November 1986 (some techy details listed within...)

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