Bing team hears your woes and updates Bing Maps Preview

It has been a few months since the release of the Bing Maps Preview and the team has received quite a bit of feedback during that time. Luckily, the team was listening and sorted through more than 46,000 suggestions to find the following to be the most commonly requested fixes.

  • People loved the new cards but lots of you want to be able to hide and show the cards on the map canvas.
  • Many of you would like to be able to turn map labels on and off in aerial and birds-eye modes.
  • We didn’t show the distance and time between waypoints in directions, which a lot of people said was useful.
  • There was an overwhelming ask for Ordnance Survey Maps to be enabled in the UK.

Taking the suggestions to heart, the Bing team has updated the Maps Preview to address the above issues and has applied the following updates:

  • Hide/show all cards
  • Turn map labels on/off in aerial and birds-eye modes
  • Display the distance and time per segment in directions
  • Ordnance Survey Maps (for the UK)

Naturally, the Bing team expects more feedback going forward in order to improve the Bing Maps experience. For those interested, be sure to hit the link and leave feedback on the Preview page.

Source: Bing

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