BioWare Likes Episodic Content - No Way!

Ah, it is about time more major game studios and developers look towards episodic gaming. While they do that, Valve will be sitting pretty counting the cashola. Well maybe not, but you get my point I think. In this day and age, episodic or "Live! content" as I've been calling it makes sense. If the companies can get the content out on a timely manner, then I'm all for it. As long as they don't charge an arm and a leg for said content, its all good. Now we have BioWare signing up for some possible episodic content. You know BioWare, those guys responsible for Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire and those totally forgotten unknown games Balder's Gate I and II. Not to shabby a resume I think. More content the better I always say:

"...we have big plans afoot at BioWare for post-release and episodic content for upcoming cool BioWare games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Jade Empire: Special Edition and other upcoming BioWare titles, both on console and PC", BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka divulged in an interview with CVG which we'll be publishing shortly.

Speaking further about online initiatives, Muzyka said, "There have been a lot of innovations in the PC space in online games - World of Warcraft and other MMOs continue to expand the business and we're excited about joining that world ourselves with the upcoming title we're developing down with our great team at BioWare Austin [BioWare's in-development MMORPG] - and digital distribution and episodic content"

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