Blu-ray and HD-DVD Face Title Fight

The high definition battle is starting to heat up. Completely ignoring the hybrid disc and player alternatives, Sony and Toshiba are stepping up their fire power with more high definition players (Toshiba just released a $600 second generation HD-DVD) and more movie titles.

Blu-ray will see almost 250 film titles added to its release library during 2007: Sony will release 100, Time Warner another 100 and Lionsgate between 40 and 50. Meanwhile, HD-DVD is currently claiming a victory in overall title sales and backers have said North American sales will exceed $600m (£309m) in 2007.

Mike Dunn, worldwide president of Fox Home Entertainment, expects sales of Blu-ray titles to outsell HD-DVD in a ratio of 3.5 to 1, by the end of April 2007. "At that point it gets difficult for retailers to commit to HD-DVD, " he said.

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