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Brave Search launches Discussions to help pull answers for your queries from popular forums

The Discussions feature in Brave Search

Brave has announced that its search engine, Brave Search, has received a new feature called Discussions. With Discussions, users will see a separate portion of results that pull in content from forums like Reddit to try to make your search results more relevant and diversified. Typing queries such as ‘Is the iPhone good?’ or ‘What’s the best programming language?’ will bring up the Discussions segment.

The new Discussions feature has been under development for quite some time, according to the announcement. The company hopes that it will increase other points of view in search results and help people find more useful and relevant information. The Discussions feature is available on both desktop and mobile so you’ll get the best results no matter the form factor you happen to be using.

There are many threads and answers on Reddit so finding the best answers means that Brave Search has to look at a variety of things such as the freshness of the topic, popularity of the topic on the source website, the quality of the conversation measured by upvotes and responses, and search quality score which measures how relevant the discussion is to the search query.

While the answers provided through Discussions certainly aren’t perfect, they provide some respite from typical blog posts or news articles that you typically run into. To further improve the Brave Search experience, the company has announced an upcoming feature called Brave Goggles which will let users create result filters and rulesets allowing them to constrain searchable space or alter result ordering. Brave Goggles is not available yet and the firm didn’t say when the feature would be ready.

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