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Brave 1.63 update: Leo AI hits Android, iOS version arrives in the coming weeks

Brave Leo on Android

Neowin recently covered the fact that Brave 1.63 brings support for Native SegWit Bitcoin accounts in Brave wallet. Another new feature in this update is the ability to enable Leo AI on the Android version of Brave. Leo is a pretty handy AI you can use to ask questions, summarize pages, translate pages, and create content right from the address bar and within the web page while respecting user privacy.

The company said that Brave Leo for Android is going to be made available for all users on Brave 1.63 over the next few days. If you don’t see Leo yet, that’ll be because it’s being rolled out in phases over the next few days. To see if you have it, just open the address bar and look for the “Ask Leo” option once you’ve started typing.

To have Leo interact with web pages, just press the three-dot menu and then tap Leo to begin. You can learn more about Brave Leo from its product page.

Brave Leo lets you pick from three LLMs: Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant, and Llama 2 13B. For users on the free core tier, there will be rate limits that vary based on the model you choose (Llama has the highest rate limit). If you decide you need higher rate limits, there’s an option to subscribe to Leo Premium for $14.99 per month; this can be used on five devices.

One of the biggest issues with AI is privacy; many of them, like ChatGPT, store your inputs, unless otherwise instructed, for them to be trained on. Brave, as a privacy browser, is taking a different approach with Leo:

  • Reverse proxy: All requests are proxied through an anonymization server so the request and user cannot be linked. Brave cannot associate the user request with their IP address.
  • Responses discarded: Conversations are not persisted on Brave’s servers. Responses from Leo are discarded after they’re generated, and not used for model training. We do not collect identifiers that can be linked to you (such as IP address), and no personal data is retained by Brave-hosted AI models. If you select a model from Anthropic and submit Leo queries, that data will be processed by Anthropic for a period of 30 days, then deleted.
  • No login or account required for access for the free version: Users do not need to create a Brave account to use Leo (they access their Premium account if they wish to use Leo across multiple devices however).
  • Unlinkable subscription: If you sign up for Leo Premium, you’re issued unlinkable tokens that validate your subscription when using Leo. This means that Brave can never connect your purchase details with your usage of the product, an extra step that ensures your activity is private to you and only you. The email you use to create your account is unlinkable to your day-to-day use of Leo, making this a uniquely private credentialing experience.

Brave Leo is now available on all platforms except iOS. Users of Brave on iPhone needn’t worry, however, because the team is hard at work and says that Brave Leo for iOS will be ready in the coming weeks.

Source: Brave

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