BSD Daemon

Well, as you all missed out on the random link last sunday, i present you it today!

"If you use BSD, you probably like its mascot, the BSD Daemon. If you are anything like me, you have probably always wished for a three-dimensional incarnation of the Beastie to put on your desk.

In June 1999, I have convinced a graphic design company Eliza Design Studio to cast the Daemon in metal. A few months later, they came up with the statuette shown below. The sculpture is amazingly detailed and stunningly-true to the original 4.3BSD artwork. I was impressed.

The Beastie is over 7cm tall (almost 3 inches) and weights approximately 1/4kg when cast in pewter, a tin-based alloy commonly used for casting statuettes of this size (including Oscars.) It depicts the Daemon in the classic upright pose, with a trident and a very cute smile. The statuette in the photos is electroplated with copper, giving it an appropriate reddish colour, and oxidised to emphasize the detail and remove some of the annoying metallic shine. The beastie is also available electroplated with nine other metals including 22 carat gold."

Pure genious - ive ordered mine!

View: FreeBSD statuette - press read more for pics

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