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Bug or feature? Microsoft might be working on movable Taskbar on Windows 11 after all

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When Windows 11 was first released to Insiders in 2021, the ability to move the Taskbar quickly became the most requested feature, and to this day, it has garnered well over 20,000 upvotes. Although this made the Redmond giant aware of what its users wanted as it did post an official, albeit bland, response, the engineers appeared clearly daunted by this task as a senior Microsoft staff stated later in an AMA session that there were "a number of challenges with that". Neowin editor Usama Jawad penned an editorial in response to that and to him, it clearly made "no sense".

That happened last year, and things might finally be changing as Microsoft may be starting to do some work on making the taskbar movable. Twitter user and Windows enthusiast Albacore stumbled upon a scenario where they noticed that the Taskbar can now be moved up to the top in the Dev channel.

However, at the moment the implementation is fairly basic and one has to wonder if this was even intentional or if it is just a (good) bug at this point. Though the good thing is that even with the taskbar at top, the UI does not break when it is interacted with. With the new Canary channel in place, perhaps Microsoft will begin experimenting with such features more readily, or at least one can hope.

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