Can PlayStation 3 hackers now unban themselves and ban innocent gamers?

It seems that some hackers may not only have managed to get around Sony’s new PlayStation 3 banning system, they could even manage to turn it around and get innocent gamers banned for doing nothing wrong.

A post on the SKFU blog states that bans are currently based just on user accounts and the PlayStation 3 console IDs. The way around this is that hackers can modify the information that is sent and received by the PlayStation 3, thus they could not only get themselves unbanned, they could in theory, cause innocent users to get a ban.

The theory even goes on to suggest that a simple Windows application could be created that would go through all PlayStation console IDs and get the world's consoles banned in around 24 hours.

All of this is currently hypothetical; although there has been some forum talk that users have already managed to unban themselves with some newly released tools that allow them to spoof their hardware and account ID’s. Website PlayStation Network at Home even managed to read a few forum posts of users doing just that before the posts were removed.

If innocent users do start to be banned by hackers, then something will need to be done quickly by Sony, but will the kind of hacking that is happening on the console at the moment mean that the company has very little else to fight back with?

Image Source: SKFU

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