CES 2012 Nokia Press Conference - Completed

We're here at Nokia's press event at Consumer Electronics Show 2012, and this one's going to be big. What are we expecting? Probably a whole ton of Windows Phone news. 

Join us at 3PM PST to find out "what's next" for Nokia. At least, in the USA.

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

22:25 Owen Williams Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
22:26 Owen Williams Just waiting in line....
22:39 Brad Sams Hi everyone, we just sat down at the nokia event...a very small room. Not everyone who was in line will get in
22:41 Brad Sams To loud to hear the music, some smooth jazz it sounds
22:44 Owen Williams Same "see the amazing, everyday" branding we've seen everywhere else so far.
22:46 Brad Sams Seating the last people, packed house, lots of people left standing outside
22:50 Brad Sams Lots of Lumia 800s floating around the floor.
22:51 Brad Sams Lights just turned on, should be starting in about 10 minutes
22:52 Owen Williams Steve Elop just said on Twitter: "Ready to take the stage, and to re-enter the American market at CES #nokia"
22:55 Brad Sams lots of excitement in the air, still waiting, some very zen like music going on
22:57 Brad Sams No new photos yet, nothing has changed since the initial one at the bottom of the feed
22:58 Brad Sams Nearly time to start
22:59 Brad Sams Nearly time to start
22:59 Brad Sams Nearly time to start
22:59 Brad Sams Small hiccup on the connection!
23:01 Brad Sams Should be starting any second...
23:02 Brad Sams "Thanks for joining us here to talk about Nokia's re-entry into the market"
23:02 Brad Sams Stephen Elop has taken the stage
23:02 Brad Sams "Thanks for joining us, happy to be here"
23:03 Brad Sams First part of new strategy was to focus on affordable market...aka featurephones
23:03 Brad Sams Now bringing new phones to makret, aha 201,301 that line of phones.. affordable phones to the masses
23:03 Brad Sams Listing all the countries that they are in...
23:04 Brad Sams The second pillar of strategy is smartphone, nokia is in the war on ecyosystmes
23:04 Brad Sams Nokia took Windows Phone is the next pillar...talking about lumia 800, 710
23:04 Brad Sams Both products were shipped ahead of schedule
23:05 Brad Sams once inside lumia, quickest way to connect with friends, talking about windows phone and how great it is
23:05 Brad Sams Lumia family products gives you nokia drive, and other perks
23:06 Brad Sams building up the lumia brand, again listing all the countries it on sale
23:06 Brad Sams January 11, lumia 710 hits T-Mobile
23:06 Brad Sams Lumia is quality and well price smartphone
23:07 Brad Sams Lumia is aimed at the heart of the new strategy, with lumia their intent has been to establish beachheads in this ecosystem war
23:07 Brad Sams There is a lot more that Nokia can do, esp in the USA
23:07 Brad Sams Nokia is announcing the third device in the product portfolio, the Lumia 900
23:08 Brad Sams Showing promo videa, currently, snapping pcis.
23:08 Brad Sams Carl Zeis lens, AT&T branding shown
23:08 Brad Sams The Lumia 900 desiged with the US consumer in mind
23:08 Brad Sams Lumia 900 LTE, exclusively to AT&T
23:09 Brad Sams Designed for the NA consumer, rich media experience... available in black and cyan. 4.3 amoled clearblack display
23:09 Brad Sams 1830 mAH battery
23:10 Brad Sams Primary lens will be carl zeiss lens, no surprise here, and it has a front facing camera
23:10 Owen Williams More colors later...
23:10 Brad Sams Lumia 900 fits in your hand nicely, built on windows phone...
23:10 Brad Sams first windows phone built and designed for the north american market.
23:11 Brad Sams talking about its bold design,
23:12 Brad Sams We gave the lumia 900 amoled display, amoled produces deeper black, reduces glare
23:12 Owen Williams The device has "circular polarizing technology" for the best blacks, only on Nokia
23:12 Brad Sams it's shape reflects that of the N9 and lumia 800...one piece of polycarbinate
23:12 Brad Sams The color of the device is literally baked in to the material, it is not painted on
23:13 Brad Sams The design was balanced with cameras, they do not bulk orr phones, F2.2 aperture lens, 28mm focal length and wide mode function
23:14 Brad Sams Showing off its wide lens capability
23:15 Brad Sams Basic idea, is capture closer moments with wider angle with the Lumia 900
23:15 Owen Williams The below image is from a "traditional" smartphone camera...
23:15 Brad Sams Now using a black device, f2.4 aperture lens on front facing camera...gets a wide angle lens too
23:15 Owen Williams And this is on the Lumia 900
23:16 Brad Sams Touting windows phone again about how great it is.
23:16 Brad Sams talking about facebook chat integration, nothing new here.
23:17 Brad Sams RUnning over nokia drive about how it makes it the best phone, showing auto screen rotation
23:18 Owen Williams The device on screen is laaaagging
23:18 Brad Sams now showing the cnn application...nothing new here
23:19 Brad Sams Showing off cnn i-reporter app, wrapping up why nokia is great etc
23:19 Brad Sams Elop back on stage, "working with many partners, espn, cnn, ea, acc, michelin, sesame street" for unique content
23:20 Brad Sams working with EA to bring products first to Nokia, sounds like timed exclusive for the products
23:20 Brad Sams Steve Ballmer now on tage!
23:20 Brad Sams he is on stage, he is please to be here
23:21 Brad Sams He is congratulating Nokia on the launch, partnership was announced about a year ago.
23:21 Brad Sams "Reviews have been fantastic, eliminating friction, has been excellent"
23:22 Brad Sams about 50k apps in the marketplace, according to Ballmer
23:22 Brad Sams Nokia got off to a fast start, less than a year from concept to delivering the products.
23:23 Brad Sams Lumia 900 represent another incredible milestone, LTE is critical for the US market
23:23 Brad Sams Ballmer just made some loving noises while holding the lumia 900
23:23 Brad Sams AT&T has sold more Windows Phones than any other carrier...big tie for MS to AT&T
23:24 Brad Sams Lumia will pay off for Microsoft according to Ballmer
23:24 Brad Sams Elop talking now, ballmer still on stage
23:24 Brad Sams What the Lumia means to AT&T, Ralph de le vega is now on stage
23:25 Brad Sams Steve, Steve and Ralph all on stage
23:25 Brad Sams AT&T will be the first carrier to deliver LTE Windows Phones to market
23:25 Brad Sams The lumia 900 is the best of the past and part of the future
23:25 Brad Sams Lumia will be offered in the coming months
23:25 Owen Williams How vague is that?!
23:26 Brad Sams AT&T says no one has sold more, but does not give a number
23:26 Brad Sams Doing a photo op of holding their phones...elop now the only one on stage
23:27 Brad Sams In the months ahead it will go on sale, will announce more in the coming weeks
23:27 Brad Sams Nokia is delivering a real Windows Phone to the market..now on to Q&A
23:28 Brad Sams q1) Any plans to expand to sprint/verizon?
23:28 Brad Sams A) only announceing lumia 900, they do aspire to get to more carriers (consumers)
23:28 Brad Sams q2) how will lumia 900 get equal facetime
23:29 Brad Sams a2) our superior product and user experience will help it stand out
23:29 Brad Sams a2 cont ) critical compent is the partner, AT&T and get AT&T to push their products...to make sure they are well educated
23:30 Brad Sams q3) How do you differentiate your product without fragmenting windows phone
23:31 Brad Sams a3) he is happy competitors are introducing phones, they will not introduce api that are different than other phones...takes a dig a google
23:31 Brad Sams q4) pricing, when will it be introduced, sales in eu?
23:31 Brad Sams a4) no price yet, pricing will be aggressively, no sales results for EU as its a quite period for the company
23:32 Brad Sams q5) lots of nokia devices are lower end, when will we see lower end phones transition to wp?
23:33 Brad Sams a5) Windows Phone will be pushed down to make lower priced windows phone in the future
23:33 Brad Sams q6) what about more storage options?
23:34 Brad Sams a6) dodging the questions, saying that they are considering the requirements
23:34 Brad Sams q7) plans to enter other markets?
23:35 Brad Sams a7) will enter other markets, its a rollout pattern, lumia will be available will be broad
23:35 Brad Sams A7 cont) lots more expansion to come
23:35 Brad Sams q8) where is nokia drive content coming from
23:36 Brad Sams a8) it's coming from navteq...
23:37 Brad Sams q9) you have been quoted that you wouldnt enter the tablet market unless it was unique
23:37 Brad Sams a9) we need to differentiate, our products
23:38 Brad Sams q10) how are communicating that you dont need quad core power?
23:39 Owen Williams LTE has power implications... they've bumped the battery size to compensate for this.
23:39 Brad Sams a10) very cognizant of power issues, want to point out that quad core vs dual core not big
23:40 Owen Williams q11) Is NFC coming?
23:40 Owen Williams a11) Nokia is very big on NFC, but they decided that it was not a priority "right now" and they expect it to be a bigger priority later.
23:41 Owen Williams q12) Any interest in acquiring RIM?
23:41 Owen Williams a12) *laughs* There's no interest in it, but we'll look at focussing on the business market later.
23:41 Owen Williams And now he's leaving the stage...
23:41 Owen Williams Thats it folks.
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