Steve Ballmer: 3 million Windows 8 preview downloads

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was expected to make his big CES 2012 appearance at Microsoft's own keynote address. But as Engadget reports, the head of Microsoft decided to make a surprise appearance on stage at AT&T's press event earlier today at CES. Ballmer was on stage primarily to announce that the first Windows Phone-based devices that will support the faster LTE network would be sold first on AT&T, such as the just announced HTC Titan II.

While Ballmer spoke mostly about Windows Phone at the AT&T event, he did talk a bit about Windows 8 as well. ZDNet reports that according to Ballmer, 500 million PCs in the world are now running Windows 7 and all of them are capable of running Windows 8. Also, Ballmer said the developer preview version of Windows 8 has been downloaded three million times since it was first released at the Build conference in September 2011.

Ballmer is expected to talk a lot more, and perhaps have an on stage demo, of Windows 8 at Microsoft's final (for now) CES 2012 keynote address. Neowin will be there to get the details later this evening.

Image via Engadget

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