Google Chrome extensions have arrived

The latest development builds of Google Chrome possess a feature that is desired by many, extensions. It is reported that four Chrome extensions have surfaced. Of those four are two very notable releases:

Cleeki: This extension offers functionality similar to that of IE8's accelerators. It can also import accelerators from IE8 into Chrome.

Adsweep: An advertisement blocker.

Since the extension functionality is still in development in must be enabled (on a recent development build of Chrome) by editing the "Target" line in your Google Chrome shortcut properties, adding "- -enable-extensions" as a suffix (without the quotations). Installing an extension is as simple as visiting their website, such as the aforementioned.

The extension functionality, clearly, is not at the level that it is with Firefox. However, with development happening quickly, Google Chrome could see a surge in market share once the extension feature becomes mainstream.

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