Citizen Zero confirmed for PC and Xbox

Micro Forté has recently launched a Web site confirming that Citizen Zero, which we've heard nothing about since 2002, is not only still in development for the PC but is also headed to the Xbox. Citizen Zero is a massively multiplayer online game with both action and role-playing elements, and it's set on a futuristic penal colony named Typhron.

Players will assume the role of prisoners who, having managed to break free of the influence of their behavioral inhibitor chips, have become "Zeros"--free agents in a world full of prisoners. Citizen Zero will allow players to attempt shooter-style missions either solo or as part of a team and will also support clan play with high-level missions and battles, upgradable clan HQ buildings, and the option to establish alliances with the game's NPC factions. Citizen Zero will boast five NPC factions in total, including battle-hardened marines and a streetwise syndicate.

The world of Typhron will boast a number of varied locales for players to explore, including dangerous backstreets, ancient ruins, a smuggler's haven, and wilderness areas. As they progress through the game, players will be able to build their characters up through around 50 levels of progression, unlocking new special powers, new mission types, and thousands of items, and gaining access to restricted outdoor regions.

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News source: Gamespot

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