Current Next-Gen Sales Figures = Nintendo #1 by Christmas?

So will all the hype surrounding the big next-gen console launches, mainly the PS3 and Wii of course - who exactly is in the lead right now in sales? Who will be numero uno by the end of 2007? Who will ask more questions in the opening paragraph than me?

At this point in the big next-gen wars, Microsoft is clearly in the lead at this point. According to VGCharts Microsoft has sold around 8.4 Million 360 units worldwide so far since the launch of the system in 2005. This figure is a little smaller than the 10.4 Million that Microsoft states from CES yesterday. Regardless, with a year in sales before the competition, Microsoft is clearly in the lead.

Nintendo on the other hand comes along this past November, and gives us the Wii. So far, Nintendo has sold almost exactly 4 Million units. That's right, in a little over a month and a half the Wii has sold nearly half the amount of Xbox 360's already. I'm sure the Nintendo people are very happy over these numbers, and rightfully so.

Sony also this past November, released the Playstation 3. I won't go into a debate over the supply and demand issue here. Needless to say Sony has sold about 1.4 Million units so far. Hardly a bad figure mind you. However that puts Sony squarely in "3rd place" as it were in the console wars for this round. At least at this point. Still, Sony has had their best console launch ever (it beats out the PS2 launch) and has outsold the Xbox 360's launch numbers as well.

So where are we then. Well it was pretty obvious going into the first "round" here that Nintendo would win it easily. We all knew that Nintendo had billions of consoles ready to be flown in from Saturn and the Andromeda galaxy if needed. So these numbers are not surprising. Sony should be pretty happy so far, what with all the doom and gloom predictions from everyone that the Playstation 3 is already a failure. It is not, and far from it. It just hasn't sold as much as the others - yet. Microsoft, obviously the leader at this point, already has Nintendo chomping at the gates here. Within a few months, and certainly by Xmas 2007 - Nintendo will very likely be the #1 leader in the industry.

Oh yeah, and that little thing, the Nintendo DS - that's sold about 36.5 Million units so far. And that puny PSP, bah only 19.9 Million. Ha!

What do you guys think?

View: VGCharts - Next-Gen Sales Figures!

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