Discovering a small unexpected gem in Capcom's mundane E3 booth

You would think that being able to play newly announced games early would be enough for some fans. While having demo kiosks of games at your booth during E3 is okay, it really isn't good enough anymore. For quite some time, companies have taken time to create outlandish displays at their booths in order to pique the interest of those walking by. More recently, some have taken things a step further by creating interactive experiences, which are quite magical when executed properly.

Year after year, Capcom is one of those companies that sticks to a relatively simple setup, offering a wide variety of demo stations, minimal flair in terms of props when compared to others, and for the past few years has had beloved producer Yoshinori Ono, known for his more recent work on the Street Fighter series, signing away autographs and mingling with fans. Not to be forgotten, there is also a section of the booth dedicated to showing off upcoming and current merchandise based on the Capcom IPs - and this is where a small gem was discovered.

Included in the vast array of Street Fighter merchandise, there was a small reproduction of a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet. Not only was it fully functional but it was also being produced by the folks at New Wave Toys, who previously brought to market other miniature arcade cabinets. The 'Champion Edition' cabinet even looks to come with an extra fighting stick, which could indicate that two-player action might be available.

While this might not be intriguing to some, finding small things like this are what make some of the more simpler booths exciting. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there isn't a release date or price for the unit. But if you head to the New Wave Toys website, you can sign up to find out when it will be released.

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