Does Microsoft have a time machine? Find out April 9th

Today, we all seem to have so little time to do the things we really want to do. Microsoft knows this as well, but according to a new teaser website the company just put up, the company seems to be offering at least some people some extra free time.

Exactly how this will happen is still mysterious at this point, but the website's title does say, "Windows Phone Free Time Machine Promotion". Perhaps Microsoft, in developing the Windows Phone operating system, also discovered a way to go back in time.

We actually doubt this, but it is definitely an unique promotion for Windows Phone and the website says all will be revealed on April 9th, the day after the launch of Nokia's Lumia 900 Windows Phone based device on AT&T's network. There will apparently be some events happening in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco as well that are tied into this "Free Time Machine" promotion.

Is this marketing event tied into the launch of the Lumia 900 or is it something else entirely?  We will find out the answers to those questions and more in only a few days. 

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