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As some of you may or may not know, Computer Gaming World is dead. November's issue of CGW is the last issue ever for the magazine, at least with that name. In December's issue, the magazine relaunches with the new super cool name of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. I posted about this story awhile back, but I saw this and thought, wow now that is way cool. Seems some of the editors decided to take the first 100 issues of CGW and put them in PDF format for everyone to download and enjoy. Now you can download the first 100 issues and read them all you want, but they also have every single magazine cover as well, though after issue 100 obviously there is no content besides the cover. I do not know if they plan on converting the rest of the issues and uploading them, but I assume eventually it will happen.
For those that have never heard of CGW, or aren't up to snuff with PC gaming magazines, Computer Gaming World was first launched back in November 1981. Since then they have published 268 issues, and they have seen every change that has ever happened in the PC gaming industry first hand. From the Atari to the Apple II all the way to current super high end rigs, they've seen it all, and covered it all. So if you are a fan of CGW, or if you are just interested in the wonderful history of PC gaming, check the issues out. Just be warned, if you want to download all 100 issues, be prepared for a rather long read.
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