Dungeon Siege II Screen-O-Rama

One of the aims of a sequel is that it of course attempts to address issues marring the original, and while Dungeon Siege was a decent action-heavy RPG romp it nevertheless suffered from repetition syndrome. There's only so many times you can hit a monster with a sword or zap it with a lightning bolt before the whole affair becomes snoringly monotonous. This is a key gameplay area that developer Gas Powered Games should fix with Dungeon Siege II. Hopefully.

Dungeon Siege II isn't due out till the end of the year, meaning there's still some months to wait before we can return to the fantasy land of Aranna for adventure-filled frolics. In the meantime, check out the latest screenshots from the sequel that have been released, that we've uploaded to this page for your convenience.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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