E3 2011: Xbox Live games for Windows Phone detailed

At Microsoft's E3 2011 keynote the software giant made no mention of any Windows Phone related games, instead focusing on improvements and games coming to the Xbox 360. However, that doesn’t mean some WP7 Xbox LIVE games weren’t shown off at the event; in fact seven new games were shown and detailed at the event.

WPCentral got word of all the games coming. Beards and Beaks is an action/strategy game involving commanding an army of gnomes, developed and produced by Microsoft Game Studios. Hasta La Muerte is a WP7 exclusive from Pohlm Studio where you control death’s emissaries on a quest to free the souls of the dead; it will feature over 30 levels including boss battles. Tentacles is another WP7 exclusive top-down platformer from Press Play with over 40 levels.

Gameloft is releasing two games to Xbox LIVE: Let’s Golf 2 as made popular on the iPhone with 3D graphics is coming along with Splinter Cell Conviction – announced before the WP7 launch but disappeared until this year’s E3. Another iPhone port, Top Gun (based on the arcade game Afterburner and the movie of the same name) is also coming to Windows Phone. The last game on the list is Z0MB1ES (on teh phone), which is a WP7 iteration of the Xbox 360 indie top-down shooter I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1.

Below is a brief video rundown of the games coming to Windows Phone 7.

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