eBay users offloading 128 GB Surfaces for a steep premium

Microsoft sold out of the 128 GB version of its Surface Pro tablet almost immediately on its Microsoft Store website last week, and good luck trying to buy the $999 version of the Windows 8 Pro tablet anywhere else at that price.

Microsoft is supposed to have more of the 128 GB version available in its stores tomorrow, along with Best Buy stores. However, there's no word on just how many units of the tablet will be made available in each location or on their websites. It's almost a certainly that the supply will continue to be well behind the demand for this version of the tablet for some time to come.

It's not a shock to learn that a number of sellers on eBay have decided to take advantage of this current situation and sell the currently scarce 128 GB Surface Pro tablet at much higher prices than $999. A quick check on eBay shows quite a few auction listings for the Surface Pro. The bid prices range from $1,150 to as high as $1,625 and some "Buy it Now" prices are even higher.

Of course, you could get the cheaper 64 GB Surface Pro version; there seems to be no shortage of those $899 tablets at the moment.

Source: eBay | Image via eBay

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