Edge Canary restores a bunch of Chromium flags like Mute site and CTRL+H to History page

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It has been almost three and a half years since Microsoft's Edge browser moved to Chromium, and shortly after that happened several Chromium services and features were removed or replaced with Microsoft built ones, in an attempt to merge legacy Edge features to Chromium. One such change that was made back in April 2019 was the "Mute" feature, which was changed from Mute site (such as in Chrome) to Mute tab (such was in Edge Legacy). Now in Edge Canary, it is once again possible to Mute site by changing the Sound content setting flag to Enabled.

The change was spotted by Leopeva64-2 over on Reddit.

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First off, a word of warning, this flag falls under "Experiments" which means that it can be removed at any time, it is not a guarantee that the feature will ship with the stable version of Edge at some point in the future.

To enable Mute site instead of Mute tab in Edge Canary:

  • Navigate to edge://flags in the Edge address bar
  • Ensure you are on version 107.0.1390
  • Search for Sound
  • One item should appear "Sound content setting"
  • Set the flag from Default to Enabled (for Mute site)
  • Set the flag to Default (for Mute tab)

In fact, it is just one of several flags that were restored to Edge Canary, the others are:

  • #edge-reading-view
  • #edge-reading-view-for-readable-frame
  • #edge-reading-view-for-specific-nodes
  • #edge-reading-view-text-preference
  • #edge-auto-enter-immersive-reader
  • #edge-accessible-pdf-form-read
  • #edge-smooth-scrolling-enabled-pdf
  • #edge-mip-enabled-pdf
  • #edge-tracking-prevention
  • #edge-window-tab-manager
  • #edge-cdm-override-service
  • #edge-history-accelerator-override

The last flag in the above list enables users to open the History tab page with CTRL + H keyboard shortcut instead of the flyout. Leopeva64-2 actually speculates that due to the number of restored Chromium flags enabled in this build, it might even be a bug, so we'll have to wait and see if all or some of these disappear with an update.

You can download Edge Canary here, it installs next to the Stable version of Edge, so you don't have to worry about your profile being messed up.

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