Elden Ring speedrunner completes game in under 9 minutes

Elden Ring screenshot

Elden Ring is an open-world masterpiece that sold over 12 million copies rather quickly. It's become somewhat of an obsession on the internet, with countless TikTok and YouTube videos about it. Whenever an incredibly challenging title launches, speedrunners take it upon themselves to find exploits and other glitches to beat the game in record time.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a YouTuber named "Distortion2" and how he finished Elden Ring in under 19 minutes. However, he's now posted a new video in which he completes the game in under 9 minutes. As expected, Distortion2 uses various glitches in the game to reach the ending. He doesn't fight a single boss in this speedrun.

Distortion2 relies on quickly teleporting himself to various areas of the expansive map. Even the final fight is a glitch because he's not fighting the fearsome Elden Beast, but Hoarah Loux. Just as soon as Hoarah Loux kills Distortion2, the game thinks that the Elden Beast has been slain.

Elden Ring is a title that features many secrets and weapons. It's along the lines of the Dark Souls franchise from developer FromSoftware. If you're in the market for a game you'll sink hundreds of hours into — and multiple playthroughs to experience everything — be sure to give it a go on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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