European Commission looking for input on Union's digital future

The European Commission is working on a proposal to create a Digital Single Market across the EU, analogous to the one we already have for physical goods and services. And the project needs your feedback and support to push it forward and shape it in a positive way.

The Digital4EU initiative is looking to collate data and feedback from European citizens on what their biggest problems with the digital market are. Whether they’d want different laws to govern their online lives, better security, new digital projects, simple access to broadband and so on, the Commission wants to hear from regular people.

On top of that, the Digital4EU initiative is collecting what they’re calling “evidence”: either studies or articles or data points in favor of a digital economy and market, or evidence for problems that still exist across the EU when it comes to digital goods.

A good example of this might be services like Xbox Live, Spotify, Netflix which are not yet available across the EU and that occasionally ban users from accessing their content if they’re in the wrong part of the Union.

Being fans of the Internet and seeing how it’s changing the world economy, we’re also fans of the Digital Single Market. But whichever way you come down on this initiative, you should make your voice heard here.

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