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Facebook launches file sharing for groups

Facebook has begun updating its groups to provide users with a new feature that will allow group members to share files with one another.

The update started rolling out yesterday to a small number of its groups and will be offered to all groups in the next few days, according to Kate Freeman of Mashable. Freeman has discussed the new feature with Facebook, and the company informed her that groups that don't yet have the file sharing abilities will get it "soon."

Users can upload files up to 25MB in size using the new ability, although certain files aren't permitted: music files and executables will not be allowed to be uploaded. Additionally, users will have the ability to report questionable files just as they would other content, such as photos, in Facebook. An example of how the new feature will work in the current group interface can be seen in the image below. Group members will be given a new option when posting content, "Upload File," which will allow them to share a file and leave an attached comment.

File sharing was first available for Facebook's new Groups for Schools, which launched last month, although at the time it was unclear if the feature was specific to Groups for Schools. 

Facebook acquired file-sharing service drop.io for around $10 million in October 2010; the social media company then closed the site's operations in December of the same year. While its not known if drop.io's former staff is responsible for the new feature, it's probable the acquisition was more than a coincidence.

Photo courtesy of Mashable

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