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Google may soon let you restore data from your old device without performing a factory reset

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According to a new report, Google has been spotted working on a new feature that would help speed the data transfer process between your old Android device and a new Android device by allowing the use of Wi-Fi and a cable simultaneously.

The latest APK Teardown post reveals some new strings in Google’s Data Restore Tool app version 1.0.624892571. As per Assemble Debug, you can transfer apps and data by connecting both Android devices to the same Wi-Fi network and a compatible cable or restore data from your Google One backup.

Google is calling this new process "MultiTransportD2dTransport," allowing users to speed device-to-device data transfer when setting up a new phone. Here is the string of codes spotted in the latest Data Restore Tool:

Copying using cable
and Wi-Fi for fastest speed

Want to speed things up?

Moreover, another nifty feature was spotted to be in the works. The new feature would allow users to transfer their data from an old or existing Android device to a new phone whenever they want. Notably, if you have already set up your Android device and wish to restore data from your old device, you need to perform a factory reset and start the transfer from scratch.

Now, with what Google is calling the "Restore Anytime" feature, users can restore data without needing to perform a factory reset. However, there are some restrictions that you need to keep in mind when using the "Restore Anytime" feature.

You are required to erase all device data on your new device to transfer data from another device, and the data that you copy will merge with existing data on your current device. So, if you have any settings tweaked, then they will be overwritten after the data transfer. Both features were spotted in an APK teardown and are still in the works, and there is no guarantee that these features will make it to a public release.

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