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FBI raids Iowa home as part of LulzSec probe

The hacker group LulzSec may have told the world over the weekend that its hacking campaign was over but that doesn't mean the world's law enforcement agencies are not going after the group. Gawker reports that last week, before LulzSec announced it was shutting down its cyber attacks on businesses and government web sites, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided a home in Davenport, Iowa belonging to 29 year old Laurelai Bailey (which is apparently an alias). The eight FBI agents who arrived at her door on June 23 asked Bailey questions about a group of hackers that she apparently was communicating with online.

According to the story, Bailey chatted with the FBI agents for five hours and told them everything that she knew about the hackers she hung out with online. In fact the FBI asked Bailey if she might act as a kind of mole and find out more from them. In the end the agents left her house but not without taking a couple of PC hard drives, a camera and other possessions.

Bailey says she is not a member of LulzSec and has never been a part of any illegal hack attack. However while she might be clean as far as law enforcement is concerned the FBI raid has indirectly cost her a job as a tech support employee. According to the story she had an online chat with a friend about the raid. For some reason the log of that chat was leaked online along with her real name and contact info. The unnamed company that she worked for fired her because the chat log made her look like a member of LulzSec.

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