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Firm starts selling AMD Opteron servers

A US FIRM APPEARS to have jumped the gun and has started selling Opteron based systems well ahead of the launch date. A search on Polywell Computers – motto: American made Computers – and using the word Opteron reveals it seems to have a number of systems in the offing.

For example, is the PolyRaxx 1U2C Dual Hammer system, a slim baby which comes with a detailed PDF specification, includes an embedded U320 controller, and can support 16GB of memory, DDR 333 registered memory.

Clock speeds, the blurb said, are to be decided.

It has 2 PCI-X expansion slots and there's a picture of the baby too. There's even a picture of the Newisys system management module on the site, as well as a system block diagram and the layout of the box. It uses a 465W power supply, an AMD 8131 PCI-X bridge, an AMD 8111 South Bridge, and includes PCI/Memory cooling fans.

It claims to use the Newisys BIOS, will support MS Windows 2000 Server (Service Pack 3), .NET Server RC1 (32-bit), .NET Server Beta (64 bit), Redhat 32-bix Linux V7.2, and SuSE Linux 64-bit beta.

View: PolyRaxx 1U2C Dual Hammer

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News source: The Inq

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