First 1TB SSD drive hits market, wallets

As the price for SSD capacity continues to descend, SSD manufacturers are making increasingly bigger drives. PC Authority reports that the Colossus LT Series, by OCZ, is the first market-available drive to reach 1TB. Instead of the 2.5" form factor commonly seen in laptop SSDs, OCZ opted for 3.5" size used in desktops, as that is the target hardware platform. The Colossus uses the increase in size to slide in more memory, allowing its capacity to reach the 1TB mark.

While nobody is giving out prizes for the feat, it is a milestone in the eventual demise of the mechanical spinning hard drive. The Colossus may be prohibitively expensive (it's going for $4000) and a 1TB spinning hard drive can cost you less than $100, it's only a matter of time before the production technology ramps up with demand and the price difference between HDD and SSD becomes negligible.

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