Flock 0.7.13

Flock is an amazing web browser built on fast and secure Mozilla technologies. View and share photos with an innovative new photo bar in the browser. Subscribe to your favorite websites to get the freshest content automatically, in summaries that are easy to save and blog. Search more quickly, more effectively, and more richly with the innovative Flock Search Toolbar.


- Photos -
Share and discover. Use drag and drop to share your photos, including built-in support for Flickr and Photobucket. Subscribe to your friends' photo streams and be the first to know when they upload new pics.
- Search -
Delivering results. Search your favorites, your history, and the entire web, as you type. Popular search engines are always within reach.
- News -
Get the scoop on what matters to you, pronto. Click the [Subscribe icon] button in the address bar to start building your own personal news service, updated with fresh content every hour.
- Blogging -
Post almost anywhere with our easy-to-use built-in blog editor. Drag and drop photos or text snippets from any web site.

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