Former Disney managing director says he “loves piracy”

Samir Bangara, the former managing director of The Walt Disney Company in India (Disney UTV), has come out at the All That Matters conference in Singapore in favour of piracy. The main reason that the former managing director feels this way is because it helps discern what content is popular and helps with discoverability.

At the event, Mr. Bangara said:

“I’m going to put it out there. I love piracy. Because guess what, the biggest problem right now is discoverability. There are tens of thousands of hours of content getting uploaded. The challenge is finding what is working. What is getting pirated is by default working. Game of Thrones is great, so it’s going to get pirated.”

For someone in his position, Bangara’s response is quite surprising, given the heavy-handedness of the film industry with regards to piracy. Companies working in TV and film sectors are, however, using piracy data to their advantage to, as Bangara points out, see what shows are working.

Despite the outlandish remarks from Samir Bangara, the industry as a whole will stick to its anti-piracy line for the time being. Pirates can expect to see more torrent websites get taken down and search engines have results removed as has been happening for years already.

Source: TorrentFreak | Image via Indiewire

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