From The Forums: Readers post their Windows 8.1 Start screens

The release of the Windows 8.1 public preview last week allowed anyone with Windows 8 already installed a chance to check out the new options to the Start screen. The biggest change are the new sizes available for the Live Tiles and, as you might imagine, this offers a lot more in terms of customization of the overall Start screen experience.

Some Neowin community members have been busy posting up screenshots of their Windows 8.1 Start screens in our forums. In a thread called "Show Us Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen", the use of the larger and smaller tiles is evident from the beginning, as forum member Sszecret shows with the grouping of his tiles (nice Neowin large tile, by the way).

Another forum member, FarCry3r, clearly has a love of gaming on his Windows 8.1 Start screen, with a ton of small tiles that show off his games, along with a wallpaper that's looking forward to the Xbox One racing title Forza Motorsport 5.

Community member rfirth clearly had the weather on his mind when he took his Windows 8.1 Start screen image earlier this week, with three of his tiles showing radar images of severe storms. It makes for a rather dramatic view.

For his Start screen image, Neowin member siah1214 went all out and decided to take a screenshot of his entire menu screen, which you can check out in all of its super high-rez glory in the forums. He adds, "I like the big tile sizes, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a generic 'essentials' group."

Community member theyarecomingforyou is a big PC gamer, specifically games found on Valve's Steam service. His Windows 8.1 Start Screen shows off his collection of Steam games in a very nice layout.

Have you downloaded and installed the Windows 8.1 preview version, and if so have you been doing some experimenting with the new Start screen options? Then why not register to join our forums and post your Start screen image in our message boards.

View: Show Us Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen

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