Fujitsu Siemens drops PPC 2002 bomb

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Out of the blue, Fujitsu Siemens has given a sneak preview of a new PPC 2002 device - with built-in Bluetooth, a top-secret Intel processor and an upcoming GPRS add-on module.

To our great surprise, Fujitsu Siemens' German branch today issued a press release stating that the company will be launching a new handheld at CeBIT 2002 - and not just any handheld at that. The new device runs on Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system, sports built-in Bluetooth and is - brace yourself - a processor that's so top-secret Fujitsu-Siemens could not provide any further details than that it's an Intel processor, pending disclosure.

If the Pocket LOOX really has an XScale processor, it will be the most powerful Pocket PC 2002 as of yet

Named Pocket LOOX, the new handheld is the successor to Fujitsu-Siemens' SX45 device which features the Pocket PC 2000 operating system and built-in GSM/GPRS wireless capabilities. Like its predecessor, the Pocket LOOX has a CompactFlash Type II slot, but an in addition a SD Card expansion slot has also been placed on the left side of the device.

The speaker of the device is placed on top while the microphone is placed in the lower right corner, an arrangement which seems to have been made with the GSM/GPRS add-on module Fujitsu-Siemens also announced in mind. Evidently, this module will add full mobile phone functionality to the LOOX.

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Screenshot: Pic of the new PocketPC

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