VisionTek Geforce3 Ti200 review

Thanks Cyberkiller of Jerlabs who sent us an email on his small review of the Geforce3 Ti200. He weighs the budget card against the Ti500 so overal a worthwhile look-see. Here is a blurb from it:

Looking for an upgrade from your measily ATI rage 128? :) Then look no further. The Geforce 3 ti 200 from Visiontek has got to the best buy for upgrading your video card to date. The price clocking in at 150$ with a good deal doesn't come with any strings attached, just one hell of a nice card, not to mention its flawless drivers from nVidia. To start this review, lets get down to whats really in it.

View: VisionTek Geforce3 Ti200 - The Best Bang for your $$$

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