Futuristic portability from IBM

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A new handheld-sized computer from IBM dubbed "MetaPad" packs enough power to replace your desktop or laptop computer, while it can act as both, or a wearable - or a handheld.

IBM researchers have invented a prototype 9-ounce portable computing device that could pave the way for a new set of functionality in the handheld space with its capability of transforming into either a handheld, desktop, laptop, tablet or a wearable computer, without having to be rebooted. Codenamed "MetaPad", the device is about the size of a ¾ inch (2 cm) thick stack of 3-by-5 inch (7,5 by 12,5 cm) index cards, and is part of IBM's research to explore how humans interact with computers and to help identify the technologies needed for future pervasive devices and the infrastructure that will support these devices.

The MetaPad core itself sports impressive specifications as it can use everything from a 300 to 800 MHz processor based on need and power requirements, has a 10 GB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, a 3D graphics chip as well as patented IBM voice and ink recognition software to provide a variety of user interfaces.

What is so unique about the MetaPad core is that it can act as the centerpiece of any kind of system given its self-contained capabilities. In the effort to make the MetaPad so small, IBM researchers pulled the power supply, display and I/O connectors out of the computer core - leaving components removed from the machine become accessories, allowing the individual users to decide how they want to use the device.

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