Google announces AI-powered features for Google Photos

Google's developer conference, Google I/O, has officially begun today, and Sundar Pichai has taken to the stage to announce new AI-powered features for Google Photos. These come in addition to the Smart Compose feature for Gmail and the improvements to Google Assistant, all based on AI.

The first new feature comes in the form of smart suggestions in the image viewer. Say you're looking at pictures of an event you attended with friends. Google Photos will recognize the presence of those friends in pictures, and automatically suggest that the user shares those pictures with those specific contacts.

Another major new feature is that Google Photos can now recognize documents in pictures, and it will tell the user that it can automatically fix it. This will crop the photo to make the document as readable as possible, but it will also automatically convert the file to PDF so that it is easier to share.

Google Photos can also punch up the drama in pictures with Color Pop. This feature will automatically apply a selective black and white filter to parts of a picture in order to highlight the colors in specific objects or people. Speaking of black and white, Google Photos will also be able to bring more life to old pictures. When a black and white picture is open, Google Photos will offer to automatically colorize it, adding new flair to old memories.

Google Photos can also offer to fix the brightness of pictures that might be under-exposed or over-exposed. All of these new features will be making their way to the service over the coming months.

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