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Google decides to let anyone use CalDAV API after all

In March, Google announced that as part of its periodic "spring cleaning" decisions, it would stop offering its CalDAV calendar data API to the general development community on September 18th. Today, Google announced a change of heart on that subject.

In a blog post, Google stated:

Since that announcement, we received many requests for access to CalDAV, giving us a better understanding of developers’ use cases and causing us to revisit that decision. In response to those requests, we are keeping the CalDAV API public.

Google also announced today that it will also open up another related API to developers: CardDAV, which allows access to contact information. Both CalDAV and CardDAV's APIs will also be integrated with Google APIs Console for the first time, along with new support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.

You may remember that Microsoft is currently working to support both CalDAV and CardDAV protocols for a future version of Windows Phone that would allow those devices to connect directly to Google's Gmail accounts. Google was scheduled to cut off its Exchange Active Sync protocol support to Windows Phone devices at the end of January 2013. However, at the last minute, Google extended that deadline to July 31st so that Microsoft could adapt Windows Phone for the CalDAV and CardDAV.

Nokia's upcoming Lumia 925 smartphone will have both CalDAV and CardDAV support when it launches later this month as part of its version of Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft will add CalDAV and CardDAV protocols as part of an overall Windows Phone software update later this summer.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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