Google+ gets a 'Feature Update' center

Google has added a 'Feature Update' center to its social network, Google+, in response to user feedback. The new section, called "What's new in Google+" acts as release notes for any new features or tweaks that Google makes to the service. Updates here are longer than in the Help Center, but are not as long as official blog posts, making them something of a go-between for readers.

An interesting feature of the "What's new in Google+" page is that most of the posts include a video post describing what has been changed. These videos are recorded by the community rather than any official Google body. Google manages to use YouTube for this as it's their own service, and therefore they are promoting one of their services through another service they have. They did the same thing with Google Chrome soon after its original release, with links to their official download page coming in the form of an advert in the search results.

At present, the most recent change was made on July 26th. This change makes the +1 button that can be embedded on websites faster, making it more appealing for Google+ users. Other updates have also been shown and can be viewed via the official page, which is linked at the start of the article.

The Google+ community manager, Natalie Villalobos, released a video on YouTube in order to announce the release of "What's new in Google+" page. The video can be viewed below:

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