Google Keep being renamed to 'Keep Notes'

Google's been known to frequently - and inexplicably - make a myriad of changes to its apps, along with frequently shutting down popular services, such as Reader and more recently, Inbox. These changes are usually met with uproar from enthusiasts that dies down over time until the next controversial round of spring cleaning from the company.

This time, however, the company's making a minor but understandable change to one of its beloved services - Google Keep. Its name is to be changed to Keep Notes. No, really, that's it. There's no grand redesign (that we know of, yet), no dramatic rethinking of the service's feature set, nothing. Which, of course, is perfectly fine, given how Keep has been a reliable and well-designed platform which covers the basics of note-taking arguably well.

It's not too hard to imagine why the company would do such a thing - appending 'Notes' to the app's name makes its purpose less ambiguous than just 'Keep', which on its own doesn't really do a great job telling users what it is that the service does. This may possibly earn it more users over time.

You can get Google Keep (as it is right now) from the iOS App Store from over here, and Android users can go here to download it from Google Play. The update renaming the app will likely hit both platforms soon.

Source: Android Police, APKMirror

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