Google responds to lawsuit threat from celebrities whose images were leaked

Google has issued a statement regarding requests from lawyers of celebrities affected by the recent iCloud leak.

Top celebrity lawyer Marty Singer, sent a letter to Google, according to which, "Google is knowingly allowing vast and pervasive copyright infringement and violation of privacy rights against these women, who are being repeated(ly) violated, exploited and victimised." Further, Singer has threatened Google with a $100 million lawsuit if it fails to remove the content and continue its bad conduct regarding the issue.

Google has now responded to the threat saying that they have actively removed thousands of images and closed accounts as soon as removal requests started coming to them. However, Google does demand a valid copyright notice for such requests, which can be a problem for the celebrities whose nude photos were taken by someone else.

As with any content that leaks online, there is no complete solution to remove access as it is shared widely and reproduced numerous times through various channels other than a simple Google search. However, it seems Google has become a target in this case due to its immense index and popularity.

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