Google selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $399

Want to get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus that will work on some wireless carriers that don't currently sell the smartphone? Then you might be in luck, if you don't mind getting one with a slower data speed. Google has started selling an unlocked version, via its Google Play site, of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $399 for US resident (the link may not work for non-US customers).

The smartphone has Android 4.0, one of the very few Android devices that has the new version of Google's mobile operating system. You will be able to use the smartphone on a number of carriers that have GSM and/or HSPA+ 21 wireless networks. In the US, that means the smartphones are compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, neither of which currently sell the Galaxy Nexus.

The bad news, if you haven't guessed already, is that this unlocked Galaxy Nexus can't connect to Verizon's network and that means this version won't be able to take advantage of Verizon's faster LTE wireless services. Verizon lowered the price of its own Galaxy Nexus, which does connect to its LTE network, down $100 to $199 with a two year contract. Sprint is also selling an LTE-capable version for $199 but it's LTE network is not live yet.

Image via Google

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